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Who Needs a Hidden or "Spy" Cam?

If you have children, valuables, someone at work that you do not trust or a spouse with wandering eyes, than a hidden or "spy" camera can help you to see what happens after you leave the house or office.

What are Hidden cams used for?

The information that a nanny cam can give you is. There are various purposes that a nanny cam can be used for. Here are just a few of them:

Spy on a babysitter, caregiver or nanny to make sure they are not abusing your loved one. Using a nanny cam is one of the easiest ways to catch somebody abusing your loved one since the offender usually never suspects you are spying on them.

Hidden surveillance for a specific area in your home to catch somebody who is stealing from you - According to law you cannot arrest somebody for theft based solely on suspicion. Somebody either needs to witness the crime or you must get them on video during their illegal act.

Catch a spouse who is cheating on you when you're gone off to work. In most cases proof that a spouse is cheating might effect the outcome of a divorce dispute.

Office supplies keep walking out the door? Inventory control problems in the warehouse just don't make sense? Hidden video cameras can identify and help you apprehend the culprit as well as insure that whatever action taken against them will be law suit proof.

Whatever your video surveillance needs may be Hawkeye has a team of professional surveillance experts to assist you in determining what will work best for you.

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